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An ergonomically designed sit and stand workstation that connects to your smartphone and automatically adjusts to your optimal height.

Performing tasks at the office becomes so much easier without the drawbacks of sitting in a chair. Stand up for your health today.

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Ergonomyx Desk Bamboo Black

Bamboo Tabletop

Single Motor

2 stage legs

Ergonomyx desk and bike in an office

Work Smarter

Achieve More

Standing increases productivity, energy, and focus throughout the day. Connect to your smartphone to begin tracking your usage patterns, calories burned, and progress from the comfort of your own desk.


Under Desk Bike

A cardio solution powered by your self-generated energy. Track your calories burned, distance pedalled, and average speed by connecting to your smartphone.

The ultimate low-intensity cardio solution, at the comfort of your desk. Lift those feet off the floor and become your healthiest self.

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Ergonomyx Under Desk Bike

Comfortable Seat

Embedded Display

Energy Harvesting Mechanism

Ergonomyx desk and bike in an office


Your Workflow

Cardiovascular exercise has been proven to improve your long-term health and energy time and time again. We believe it's time to bring the gym to your cubicle. Be more productive and energize your workflow with our Smart Under the Desk Bike.

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Ergonomyx launch plans January 2019

Product Launch

Ergonomyx launch plans Fall 2019


30-day Crowdsourcing Campaign period, pre-orders accepted

Ergonomyx launch plans Winter 2019

Pre-order target delivery

Product shipment for all crowdsource supporters

Ergonomyx launch plans Spring 2020

General Product Availability

Purchase through authorized resellers and distribution channel program

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