Working from Home: How to Set Up Your Workspace

April 23th, 2020

As many of you have experienced first hand, working from home can be a difficult road to navigate. Maybe you’ve set aside a spot on your dining room table or established the couch as your new 9-5 workstation. Either way, these new “offices” could be leading to increased muscle pain and decreased productivity if not arranged properly. Here are our top tips for setting up your home office workspace!

1. Ensure you have the right equipment:

For optimal productivity we would recommend investing in a:

  1. Standing Desk: This will allow you to beat that sedentary office lifestyle by alternating between standing and sitting throughout your day, which has been proven to improve overall health. Standing Desk: This will allow you to beat that sedentary office lifestyle by alternating between standing and sitting throughout your day, which has been proven to improve overall health.
  2. Adjustable chair: An adjustable chair is important to make sure that you are properly aligned and supported while working.
  3. Laptop stand: This product will help ensure that your monitor or laptop is at an appropriate height to avoid any injuries or strains.
  4. Anti-fatigue standing mat: Anti-fatigue mats will help relieve foot, knee, and back pain as well as reduce stress on the body caused by standing for extended periods of time.

2. Have a designated workstation:

In order to achieve this, section off a certain part of your home, where you will be able to set up your workstation. There should be enough space for you to move about freely and not feel confined to one spot. Being as far away from possible distractions as you can be can also help in creating an environment for productivity. We also recommend having your workstation near a window in order to have some natural lighting while you work.

3. Make sure your adjustments are correct:

This applies to the following:

  1. Desk height: Optimal desk height is unique for everyone and dependent on your specific measurements. When adjusting your sit-stand desk, ensure that your elbows are at the same height as your desk, and are bent at a 90 degree angle. With our Smart Sit-and-Stand Desk you can set routines that automatically adjust your standing desk through our synchronized mobile app to match your specific measurements.
  2. Monitor placement: Your monitor placement is crucial in order to take care of your eyes, neck, and head. Your monitor should be at an arm's length distance from you, the screen should be directly in front of you, and your eyes should be aligned with the address bar of the internet browser. If you struggle with achieving this, we would recommend using a monitor or laptop stand.
  3. Seat height: For optimal performance, we recommend adjusting your chair so your feet are planted flat on the floor, your legs should be positioned at a 90 degree angle, and your back should be fully supported by the chair.

4. Get moving! (Yes, even at home)

We get it! It can be difficult to foster the motivation to get moving when confined to working from home. But did you know moving is one of the best things you can do in order to increase productivity? We recommend getting in some aerobic exercise. If you are tight on space, our Smart Under-the-Desk Bike is the perfect addition to any home office in order to stay active, burn some extra calories, and increase productivity throughout your workday.

By keeping all of this in mind, we trust that you’ll be able to create an optimal workstation that will not only keep you motivated and productive throughout your workday, but will also aid in your overall health and wellbeing through maintaining an active lifestyle!

To learn more about the options Ergonomyx offers to help fight a sedentary office lifestyle, click here.

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